Broad Experience

The majority of guidelines used by good C++ programmers are too difficult to formalize…

— Scott Meyers, Effective C++

As well as our core strengths, we have experience across a broad range of technologies:

  • Supervisory & real-time control.
  • C++ data-rich displays using Qt.
  • Software / language interfacing using a variety of technologies.
  • Voice over IP (VoIP), including SIP, SDP, RTP, etc.
  • Application development for electronics and engineering.
  • Advanced Makefile development under Unix/Linux/CygWin/MSYS.
  • Advanced sh/bash/Korn shell scripting under Unix/Linux/CygWin/MSYS.
  • UML and the Unified Process.
  • Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) consulting.
  • 32-bit microcontrollers like Freescale’s 68360, 68336, and 68376.
  • 8-bit microcontrollers like Freescale’s 68HC11 variants.
  • Connectivity technologies like OPC and BACnet.
  • Software Engineering methodologies.
  • Assembly language programming.
  • ISO9001 Quality Control Process.

Don’t see your technology here? Consider our strengths and experience: our clients trust our outstanding contributions, even with new technologies.

Such battle-scarred developers recognize that comprehending the interactions between the features in C++ is of the greatest possible importance in using the language effectively. — ibid.