Senior System Architect Chicago

Senior System Architect Chicago

Senior System Architect Chicago: Freelance software developer with over 20 years' experience. Leading the pack in software productivity and quality. Chicago, IL.

We designed this page to link your need to one of our strengths, Senior System Architect Chicago.

Talent is now a critical driver of corporate performance, and a potential competitive advantage. —McKinsey & Company

We bring a strong technical background to software engineering.

If you've worked with many software developers, you know a top-notch developer is literally ten times more productive than many of his peers. And the code he writes has ten times fewer bugs. That's our reputation.

Over three decades of satisfied customers tell a pretty consistent story.

The right people can distinguish between an innocuous issue and a serious wrong turn.

System architecture, software development, or any contribution to your engineering team.

The single most critical factor in a project's success is the skill of its key people. The right people bring not just the best tools and techniques, but the best ideas.

Since 1997, we've been thriving on solving our clients' toughest challenges: building high quality software that makes them successful. It's our entire livelihood.


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