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PC-Lint's Bug-of-the-Month

PC-Lint Bug-of-the-month

Think you understand the C language? Peruse Gimpel Software's bug-of-the-month archives. Their PC-lint tool, "the longest continuously advertised software tool in human history, was first introduced in 1985." Their ads show you a snippet of code: can you tell what's wrong? Some are incredibly subtle.


Comp.Risks: Though computers can be wonderful things, they can really foul things up, too. The comp.risks archive is an ongoing collection of stories about the risks of computers to society. It's eye-opening. And humbling. And sometimes pretty strange.

Cool free tools (now here) is a collection of advanced tools for Microsoft Windows. I find process explorer to be particularly nice.

What's that process, file or DLL on my computer? has a database of many programs that belong--or don't--on a Windows system. (Formerly CastleCops.) If you don't find it here, use a standard search engine before giving up.

Chicago Organizations -- See what they have to offer. We appreciate them listing us.

The Illinois I.T. Association (ITA) "exists to help grow the number of successful businesses that create, deploy and utilize information technology as a core part of their organization." — ACM's Chicago chapter. The Association for Computing Machinery is computing's oldest organization.

Chicago C/C++ Meetup Group

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