We bring to bear talent, experience, a strong technical background and a careful listening ear.

Strongest capabilities include:

  • Expert knowledge of C++/STL/boost and Python.
  • Quantitative analytical applications.
  • Multi-threaded and real-time applications (concurrency, IPC).
  • Software optimization for high-speed applications.
  • High-speed, high-capacity server back-end development using technologies like FastCGI and XML-RPC.
  • Object-oriented and structured software design.
  • Distributed systems development via TCP/IP, UDP or multi-cast, or frameworks like CORBA, DCOM or ZeroMQ.
  • Database design, development and interfacing: MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, MS Access.
  • Integration with open-source tools and libraries (including selection and license review).
  • Advanced software troubleshooting/debugging.
  • Technical leadership and mentoring.
  • Embedded systems & RTOSs, including VxWorks.
  • Hardware/software interfacing & systems integration.
  • Strong technical background in Mechanical Engineering.

Our experience is strong across a broad range of technologies.

Computing's central challenge, viz. How not to make a mess of it, has not been met.

—Edsger Dijkstra      (November, 2000)

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