VoIP Monitoring

This VoIP monitoring application performs a number of diagnostic functions for a SIP-based VoIP system.

It performs sanity checking and roll-over for the PBX itself, allowing a second computer to assume the PBX's role with minimal disruption to the rest of the system.

It also performs automatic diagnostics on proprietary phones, including real-time quantitative analysis on received audio data.

This multi-threaded, sockets-based application implements portions of the SIP and RTP protocols.

Key Features

  • Written in C++ for Win32
  • Multi-threaded implementation of complex sequencing
  • Sockets-based communication (TCP, UDP)
  • Performs quantitative analysis on audio data in real-time.
  • Very high reliability: runs indefinitely without degrading system resources
  • Implements the SIP protocol per RFC 3261 and related.
  • Implements the RTP protocol per RFC 3550 and related.
  • Implements the SDP protocol per RFC 4566 and related.
  • Performs advanced manipulation of network interface hardware (NIC) for the PBX rollover operation
  • Performs advanced interaction with PBX software for state roll-over

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