To Know: Hamcrest

From the boost mailing list: Hamcrest is a declarative test-assertion definition style. The word is an anagram of matchers.  

Dropbox? Python.

Love it.  Dropbox uses python, scaling to 175 million users. Also interesting: The team also found it was easier to keep log data rather than delete old code – usually there would be a need for it later on for whatever reason. “Delete nothing unless necessary,” said Eranki. A major conclusion of those early days:… Continue reading Dropbox? Python.


Just hosted a Join.Me session directly into a VMWare virtual machine on my machine. Didn’t have to clean up (my desktop) for company. Love the confluence of technologies.

Python is addictive

Been a while since I’ve felt this way, but Python brought it back out. Python programming is pretty addictive. I find myself pondering the next little Python ditty to whip up, and going through  withdrawal without it. Gotta get my Python fix! If you’re a developer who can taste a good design, a good implementation,… Continue reading Python is addictive

Boost Inside

Snooping in the QuickBooks 2013 installation directory, I find a couple boost libraries: boost_regex-vc90-mt-p-1_33.dll boost_serialization-vc90-mt-1_35.dll boost_serialization-vc90-mt-1_33.dll Not a lot of boost, but some.  And they’re a few years old, but still fine.    

Downsides of SaaS

Software-as-a-Service has its downsides, as one commenter notes: We’re beginning to see the pitfalls of software-as-a-service in general: loss of control for for the user, increased security risks, and being entirely at the mercy of the providers’ future business strategies. The context is Google discontinuing its RSS Reader. A small outfit has motivation that a… Continue reading Downsides of SaaS

Downsides of Collaboration

Here’s an outstanding video on how collaboration can not only kill creativity, but dupe our very perceptions. Steve Wozniak: Most inventors and engineers I have met are like me: they’re shy and they live in their heads. They’re almost like artists. In fact, the very best of them are artists. And artists work best alone… Continue reading Downsides of Collaboration

Phone Virii

They’re smaller, simpler, probably more vulnerable, and the tools to see into them not as well developed. You Should Put Antivirus Software on Your Phone

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