Comment Spam

I’m disabling comments on both new posts and old ones. Comment spam is truly pernicious. Please e-mail me if you have a comment! I’m glad to hear from you.

Unix Man Pages

Not man as in manly/male, but manual. You know, user’s guide. Here are a few on-line “man-page” repositories that are pretty useful. I just came across now, and it looks like a best-of-breed resource. Man and info pages for a slew of operating systems, and not a gooogle ad in sight. FreeBSD Man… Continue reading Unix Man Pages

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Even concrete…

Here’s a picture from my old blog. Even concrete pipe sections have URL’s on them now. Archeologists will find these thousands of years from now.

New Hosting

Here’s my new business blog. Posts didn’t carry over from the previous blog. (I was too busy to give it attention. No big loss.) Cheers!