Phone Virii

They’re smaller, simpler, probably more vulnerable, and the tools to see into them not as well developed. You Should Put Antivirus Software on Your Phone

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Software Runs the World: How Scared Should We Be That So Much of It Is So Bad?

From The Atlantic: The underlying problem here is that most software is not very good. Writing good software is hard. There are thousands of opportunities to make mistakes. More importantly, it’s difficult if not impossible to anticipate all the situations that a software program will be faced with, especially when–as was the case for both… Continue reading Software Runs the World: How Scared Should We Be That So Much of It Is So Bad?

Berserk Algo: $440M

Knight Capital: Final Berserk Algo Bill To Knight – $440 Million; Stock Implodes Ten million dollars a minute. And it’s almost certainly the case that the software passed all its tests in the lab.

Super Cool, Super Divergent

Smart-phone platforms: iPhone, Android, WebOS, Maemo, etc. All are super-cool. But all are also astonishingly divergent in their approach to many of the details. So much so that one has to learn each one separately. My wife (an Android user) picks up my (webOS) phone and gets frustrated with it. I find this particularly surprising… Continue reading Super Cool, Super Divergent

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Insidious Ad Award

Here’s a screen-shot of’s main page, as of today. Notice the giant Download button on the right. That’s really an ad for who-knows-what. To download ClamWin, you want the much-smaller download menu item on the left. Caveat emptor.

Google Art Project

Google has just introduced its Google Art Project. It’s Google Street View inside the prominent museums of the world, with high-resolution images of each work. What a great concept! Hat’s off to them. I’ve been through Amsterdam three times (stop-overs to other destinations), and never got to see either the Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh… Continue reading Google Art Project

SourceForge Hacked

The SourceForge site was hacked last week, with the attackers going as far as putting a hacked SSH daemon in place. Since hacking pushes one towards paranoia, let’s go there for a minute. An attacker being able to change source-code in any SourceForge repository, bypassing change-logs and hacking files’ time-stamps, could introduce compromised source-code to… Continue reading SourceForge Hacked

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