NY Subway Office

Despite our best efforts, we can’t always reproduce phenomena we see in the field. So to the field we go. Here are a few shots of my makeshift office in the New York Subway system. Not the most productive or ergonomically correct environment. The chair is a life-saver. Under $6 from Target, it collapses into… Continue reading NY Subway Office

30 Years from Today

30 years from today–that’s January 19th, 2038–at 3:14am, the 32-bit unsigned clocks of legacy Unix systems will roll over. They’ll read January 1, 1970. I wrote about it here. More serious than Y2K, since all such clocks will roll over. If you recall, with Y2K it was primarily whether the programmer used two-digit years or… Continue reading 30 Years from Today

Python beats Perl

I like this news: The TIOBE Programming Community Index has declared Python as the Programming Language of 2007 due to a 58% surge in its popularity rating during the year, making it now the sixth most popular programming language and finally surpassing Perl. They also assert that Python has become the “defacto glue language,” being… Continue reading Python beats Perl

Cast in Concrete

From RFC 3551 (RTP Profile for Audio/Video), for G722: Even though the actual sampling rate for G.722 audio is 16,000 Hz, the RTP clock rate for the G722 payload format is 8,000 Hz because that value was erroneously assigned in RFC 1890 and must remain unchanged for backward compatibility. Ouch. Even Internet RFC’s aren’t immune… Continue reading Cast in Concrete

Lunch 2.0 @ Google Chicago

Hats off to Google Chicago for hosting today’s Lunch 2.0. Having no idea what to expect (except, um, food), I had to check it out. Free lunch and “no time-share pitch to sit through!” I learned (among other things) that Google has a decent-sized presence in Chicago, a lot of it engineering. If I understand… Continue reading Lunch 2.0 @ Google Chicago

Trump Tower

My business took me to Trump Tower, under construction. It’s going to be really, really big. I don’t think they’re even half way up yet. Heavy construction is underway on the upper floors. Infrastructure work on the lower. This picture doesn’t do it justice. Here’s the view from the skip — the construction elevator on… Continue reading Trump Tower

GNU Haiku

Noble Open Source* Contribute day and long night Landlord, Grocer scoff. * I know I should say Free Software, but it ruined the meter.

Ten Years of Data

I was looking for a years-old appointment and realized I’ve been using a PDA for ten years now. My data goes back to 1997. (I think I’m on my fourth PDA, but I’ve lost count.) It was a strange realization on a few levels. It was pretty cool seeing appointments from ten years ago. What… Continue reading Ten Years of Data