MSVC-8: alive and well

Over the weekend I installed the latest Flickr Uploadr for Win32. The install popped up the familiar “Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable” installer as part of its installation. Microsoft Visual C++ 8 is still solid and widely used.

Bye-bye manifests!

Here’s a very interesting development, brought to my attention by a fellow developer: Microsoft is doing away with the manifest scheme in Visual Studio 2010. From Deployment in Visual C++ 2010: Differences between Visual C++ 2008 and Visual C++ 2010 The most significant changes between Visual C++ 2008 and Visual C++ 2010 are: * Visual… Continue reading Bye-bye manifests!

Biting Brit Commentary

In this piece from the UK’s Register, Dominic Connor savages British Computer Science Higher Ed: No wonder CompSci grads are unemployed His biting style is a little over the top, but entertaining. I hope not everything he claims is true. A couple gems: Java fanboys tell me that it is “easier” than C++, and seem… Continue reading Biting Brit Commentary

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