xcopy vs. rsync

xcopy vs. rsync, rsync vs. xcopy Though rsync has capabilities that Win32’s xcopy only dreams of, how do the two stack up when compared apples to apples? My test: synchronize a large collection of files, between two different local disks. 8.19 GB of data in 11,072 files across 182 directories. My platform: a Dell Optiplex… Continue reading xcopy vs. rsync

Elevator Drives then and Now

My business has been taking me into elevator machine rooms recently. It’s amazing how far the technology has come. These elevator drive motors are circa 1938, and still work fine. These drive motors are new, and a fraction of the others’ size. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

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GNU Haiku

Noble Open Source* Contribute day and long night Landlord, Grocer scoff. * I know I should say Free Software, but it ruined the meter.